Contract manufacturing

laboratorium MIX SA

Contract manufacturing

We manufacture non-alcoholic beverages and low-alcohol drinks in line with our clients’ individual requirements. We offer production for private labels and bottling services. Beverages for private label owners are produced in accordance with their specification.

We offer non-alcoholic beverages, such as:

  • energy drinks
  • isotonic drinks
  • vitamin enhanced beverages
  • beverages with fruit pieces
  • fizzy drinks

and low-alcohol drinks, such as:

  • ciders
  • malt drinks
  • alcopops


Contract manufacturing in stages

Each private label product is manufactured in several stages.

Stage 1
We start with creating the initial concept of the beverage. We cooperate closely with the client to learn what his/her needs are. We estimate the time and resources necessary for the successful execution of the project.

Stage 2
As soon as we have obtained all the data we need, we pass it on to our research and development specialists. They are responsible for preparing the recipe of the new product. The parameters that have to be precisely defined at this stage, are  source ingredients as well as physicochemical, microbiological and sensory features of the product. As a result of these analyses a sample of the new beverage is developed and it is ready for testing.

Stage 3
We invite the client to take part in the tests. Our experts are also present to perform the testing. First and foremost the flavor is assessed and reformulated, if needed. Once the flavor has been confirmed, we develop the prototype and we pass it on to the client together with the cost estimate.

Stage 4
Before we start the production a complete documentation for the new product must be prepared. As soon as it is ready we perform laboratory testing to define the production parameters and proceed to produce a test batch of the product.

Stage 5
We carry out a thorough quality assessment. The product must obtain the approval of our HACCP specialists and the Chief Sanitary Inspector. Once we have received all the necessary quality certifications, the production of the final product can begin.

Stage 6
Our clients can also use extra services, e.g. packaging and label design which can be prepared in our professional design studio.