About us

MIX SA was founded in 1996. We are a 100% Polish company, operating in the food industry. We provide good, traditional Polish products manufactured in our two thriving production plants in Pomerania.

We specialise in the production of fruit wines, juices and ciders. Our products are manufactured in Kwidzyn, in one of Poland’s most modern plants, occupying an area of over three hectares.

We actively support local initiatives and the domestic market development as well as export expansion.

Our staff

W grupie MIX zatrudnionych jest ponad 120 wysoko wykwalifikowanych i doświadczonych pracowników. To właśnie dzięki ich wytężonej pracy, wiedzy i zaangażowaniu, a zwłaszcza dbałości o konsumenta, MIX S.A. osiągnął znaczącą pozycję wśród firm branży spożywczej, zdobywając lojalność rzeczy zadowolonych klientów.

Market shares

We produce more than 30 million litres of wine and 3.5 million litres of juices and ciders annually. We have about a 15% share in the domestic market, which means that every eighth wine, cider, juice or drink on the Polish market is sold under MIX brand. The sales volume ensures the company a prominent position among Poland’s fruit wine production leaders.

Quality control

All our products are subject to a strict quality control process both as regards the contents and organoleptic values. We have all required certificates, which opens up the international market for us.


We cooperate with wholesalers, chain stores affiliated businesses, retailers, consumer groups, associations and other reliable partners who distribute our products.


Board of Directors:
Jakub Cybura – President of the Board
Łukasz Lisiecki – Vice President