Lokales – hard lemon drink

WHAT IF SYCILY LEMON STARTS TO PARTY IN SPARKLING % ? First %lemonade on Polish market – natural alternative to mass of ready to drink synthetic drinks. MIX makes mix of 16% lemon juice with quality of Polish alkohol spirit.  330ml bottle with twist off opening is a perfect sample of ready to drink alkohol […]

Wódka Sopocka

Wódka Sopocka in 200ml bottles is a group of very popular variants of vodka liked by party people because of taste and bottle size. Pure 40% for traditional vodka fans and four selected tastes well known and already accepted by market: •  SOPOCKA GORZKA 36% •  SOPOCKA CYTRYNOWA 32% •  SOPOCKA WIŚNIOWA 32% •  SOPOCKA PIGWOWA […]

“Nice to mix you” at the Food & Drink Expo Birmingham

Visit us on the 18th-20th of April at the Food&Drink Expo in Birmingham. It will be nice to Mix you ! take a look at the expo…

New products, new offer [ X.2015 ]

New, updated offer [X.2015]. Now available in fast and easy form. Just click and turn the pages. Check what’s new…